Snoring Quick Facts

Click here to buy now!80 percent of men that snore do not consider themselves to have a problem and, in fact, consider their spouses to be light sleepers

The medical definition of the SnoreBuddy is a mandibular advancement device or splint.
Oral appliance therapy using  SnoreBuddy has been medically proven to reduce blood pressure - ref : US National Library of Medicine

SnoreBuddy also prevents teeth grinding.

Snorers do not usually notice their own snoring and are unaware unless it is pointed out for them.
Snoring is a worldwide phenomenon with estimates of over one billion people who snore due to some sort of nasal or airway blockage.



Stop snoring! Proven to help over 85% of snorers !
  • Are you suffering with sleep deprivation or sleep apnea?
  • Are your loved ones being kept awake while you rest comfortably?
  • Do you suffer the embarrassment of snoring in public places?

We have the solution for you. Buy your SnoreBuddy today, and your days of snoring will be over.

The technology employed in the design is a tested and proven solution that instantly stops snoring and sleep apnea – without surgery or seeing a doctor.

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Ray Evert
Dallas Texas, 47

"I consider myself a bit of a skeptic and was hesitant to purchase my SnoreBuddy, but nonetheless I went ahead and purchased your product. After a peaceful night sleep and no complaints from my wife I was truly satisfied. Thank you SnoreBuddy."
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How do I clean my mouthpiece?

Use a toothbrush with toothpaste to clean it, alternately place the mouthpiece in a container provided and drop in a Polident tablet.  A mouthwash would also be adequate to keep the mouthpiece clean.  Read more
Frequently Asked Questions.

SnoreBuddy is subscribed to the Sleep Disorders Health Center.

Stop snoring! Proven to help over 85% of snorers!

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We ship SnoreBuddy worldwide.

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