Snoring Quick Facts

Click here to buy now!80 percent of men that snore do not consider themselves to have a problem and, in fact, consider their spouses to be light sleepers

The medical definition of the SnoreBuddy is a mandibular advancement device or splint.
Oral appliance therapy using  SnoreBuddy has been medically proven to reduce blood pressure - ref : US National Library of Medicine

SnoreBuddy also prevents teeth grinding.

Snorers do not usually notice their own snoring and are unaware unless it is pointed out for them.
Snoring is a worldwide phenomenon with estimates of over one billion people who snore due to some sort of nasal or airway blockage.



SnoreBuddy Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SnoreBuddy mouthpiece comfortable to wear?

Yes, once you get used to it. There may be some discomfort known as temporal mandibular joint disfunction (TMJ) which generally reduces over a period of time. If you experience a painful jaw, discontinue use for a period of time and then try again.

How long will it take to get used to sleeping with my SnoreBuddy mouthpiece?

It can vary from one person to another. However, in my case it took two nights to sleep through the night. On average it seems to take anything between two to four nights.

Can people who wear dentures wear a snoring mouthpiece?

No, we do not recommend it. We also suggest that only people with healthy gums and teeth use the mouthpiece.

How long does the mouthpiece last?

The mouthpiece lasts approximately 6-12 months. This does differ from person to person, it depends on the pressure placed on the appliance in holding the bottom jaw forward. It is also more hygienic to replace the mouthpiece regularly.

Does the mouthpiece come in different sizes?

One size fits all. The mouthpiece is softened by the boiled water so the size of the mouthpiece is determined by the shape of your mouth.

How do I clean my mouthpiece?

Use a toothbrush with toothpaste to clean it, alternately place the mouthpiece in a container provided and drop in a Polident tablet. A mouthwash would also be adequate to keep the mouthpiece clean.

Will the SnoreBuddy mouthpiece get rid of my snoring from the very first night of use?

You have an 85% chance that the mouthpiece will work for you. If you find that after the first night you still snore then re-mould the mouthpiece with your jaw slightly more forward.



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