Snoring Quick Facts

Click here to buy now!80 percent of men that snore do not consider themselves to have a problem and, in fact, consider their spouses to be light sleepers

The medical definition of the SnoreBuddy is a mandibular advancement device or splint.
Oral appliance therapy using  SnoreBuddy has been medically proven to reduce blood pressure - ref : US National Library of Medicine

SnoreBuddy also prevents teeth grinding.

Snorers do not usually notice their own snoring and are unaware unless it is pointed out for them.
Snoring is a worldwide phenomenon with estimates of over one billion people who snore due to some sort of nasal or airway blockage.


Snoring Solution Testimonials from SnoreBuddy Users

"I just want to say thank you firstly for the speedy service of
delivering my Snorebuddy and secondly for changing my life in such a big way.
I never in a million years thought a simple mouth-piece like this could be so effective. I am now sleeping through peacefully without waking up the house-hold. (It was that bad.)"

Tracey Roy, Australia  42 

"Hi Guys, such a simple thing has such a huge difference in my life. Thank you."

Peter Jordan, Colorado USA  22

"Thanks to your fantastic product my wife sleeps peacefully at night, you have my thumbs up!"

Jeremy Daniels, Reading, England  59

"At the young age of 62 for the first time in years I have slept peacefully, without waking myself up at night with my snoring. Thank you SnoreBuddy."

Mary Louise Thompson, Adelaide, Australia  62

"Being in the military I share sleeping quarters with 35 other men, thanks to SnoreBuddy I no longer get pelted with boots and pillows and no longer get ragged about my snoring and army life is more pleasurable"

Jason O'Reilly, Belfast, Ireland  21

"I consider myself a bit of a skeptic and was hesitant to purchase my SnoreBuddy, but nonetheless I went ahead and purchased your product. After a peaceful night's sleep and no complaints from my wife I was truly satisfied. Thank you SnoreBuddy."

Ray Evert, Dallas, Texas USA  47

"I am most pleased with SnoreBuddy. I ordered it and it was delivered to me in Dubai in no time. I am highly satisfied as it has helped me tremendously. Now I hardly snore and it is so easy to fit and get used to. Well done SnoreBuddy!"

Colin Tetchner, Dubai  38




We ship SnoreBuddy worldwide.

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